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The only independent automotive shop in Waxhaw, NC

Auto Repair


State Inspections


Here are some of the services we offer

Computer Engine and Diagnostics

The “computer brain” of your car runs many components. Our state-of-the-art scan tools will give an accurate account of what is causing your vehicle’s problem.

Batteries, Charging and Electrical Systems

from vehicle batteries and alternators to wiring troubleshooting, our skilled technicians can get you started again!


Brakes wear down differently depending on how you drive. We can determine what components need replacement without compromising safety.

Engine Rebuilds & Transmission Diagnostics

with today’s advanced motors and transmissions, trust us to diagnose and repair your car’s two major components as well as perform regular maintenance.

Tires, Wheels, Alignments, Suspension and Steering

Experiencing shaking, noises or pulling? These are often symptoms of wear and tear on your tires, wheels, alignment or axle. We can diagnose these problems with a test drive.

Air Conditioning and Heating Units

It’s frustrating when your heat or AC quits. We can quickly diagnose your complex system and make you comfortable again.


Preventative maintenance along with curing rough running problems helps avoid bigger problems in the future.

Pre-purchase Check Overs

Let us look over that pre-owned vehicle you are interested in… peace of mind before your purchase!

North Carolina State Inspections

Schedule a yearly safety inspection or emissions inspection with our convenient appointments.

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Scheduled Maintenance – Routine Services

From oil changes, to tune-ups and timing belts, we can perform all manufacturer recommended maintenance. We will keep you on track with these important interval services, ensuring your car’s longevity. From transmission services to bearings, clutches and rebuilds, we can get you in gear with our transmission maintenance and repair.

Wipers and Accessories

What if your wiper motor quits on a rainy day or your window is stuck down in a rainstorm? Sometimes it’s not the engine that keeps you parked. Let us help with these smaller repairs.

Transmission Diagnostics and Repair

From transmission services to bearings, clutches and rebuilds, we can get you in gear with our transmission maintenance and repair.

Light Duty & Diesel Trucks

If your work truck is part of what keeps your business rolling…we offer repairs that will get you back on the job quickly.

Convenient key drop! 

Can’t drop off your car during our normal business hours? We have a safe and convenient after hours key drop located near the customer entrance/first bay door.