1152 N. Broome Street, Waxhaw, NC
(704) 243-2540
Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 5:30 pm
We offer phone payments with after-hours drop-off and pick-up.


The only independent automotive shop in Waxhaw, NC

We prefer to see your vehicle in person to determine the diagnosis. Our crystal ball doesn’t work over the phone, so bring it by for a technician to take a look. Let our staff know what symptoms the car has and we will scan and test drive for an accurate diagnosis.
You are welcome to use AAA or we can recommend an outside company. We do not control tow prices, so call us for details before you tow. Note: AAA is known for directing customers to their “preferred shops.” Remember, you can bring your car wherever you choose.
Call our office at 704-243-2540 between 7:30 am – 5:30 pm Monday through Friday or make a request for an appointment through our website under “Contact Us”. We have timed appointments for small services like oil changes, NC State Inspections, and tire rotations/balances. If it is a larger project that requires more time, you may make an appointment to drop off your vehicle for the day.
We will do our best to accommodate extras if our schedule allows. Much like adding another service at a hair salon, adding a larger service to the repair order can be tough without advance notice. Adding a tune-up to an oil change appointment takes upwards of 3 hours. So please know we want your business for that service, but we may need to schedule a future appointment for it.
We use the 15 minute rule for timed appointments. If you are later than that, we will need to reschedule you for another time. The person with the appointment after you appreciates you being on time as much as we do!
Due to parts delivery times and unforeseen issues on a repair, we cannot always pinpoint a time of completion. We will communicate with you throughout the day of the repair so we can get you finished in a timely manner. If you only have a 30 minute window for that brake job, you might want to try a different appointment.
We accept cash, debit & credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express. We Do Not Accept personal or company checks of any kind.
We do install quality parts and OEM parts that we obtain through our suppliers and offer the best possible price for our customers. We DO NOT install customer supplied parts. Generally, internet and aftermarket parts are cheaper, but they will cost you in the long run. The quality is often not the same. Think of it this way… would you buy a steak and bring it to the restaurant and ask the chef to cook it? The chef wants to serve food he trusts. It’s the same way with parts and mechanics.
that doesn’t even sound safe! If someone replaced their tires, they did it because they were no longer roadworthy. We have a great selection of safe, new tires!
We recommend checking your owner’s manual, but synthetic oil is recommended for newer vehicles. Synthetic oil keeps you from changing your oil every 3,000 miles and improves the life of your engine’s components. Depending on your make and model, you could possibly go 6,000 to 10,000 miles between oil changes.
NO… expired means expired according to the state of NC. The end of the month is our busiest time for inspection appointments. If you call for an appointment a day or two before the last day of the month, chances are we are booked. So plan ahead at least a week or two before you expire.
Yes we do them ! Please schedule an appointment